Two children killed in train-track tragedy

ROME - Two children have been killed and their 49-year-old mother has been left seriously injured during a train accident in Brancaleone in Reggio Calabria after crossing the tracks on the way to the sea, medics said on Thursday.

 The mother, Simona Dall’Acqua, was taken to the intensive care unit in the large metropolitan hospital in Reggio Calabria and is still in a coma; she suffered multiple fractures, serious cerebral trauma and yesterday underwent extensive surgery. Her two children, six-year-old Giulia and 12-year-old Lorenzo, have both died.

 The accident took place in the San Giorgio district between Brancaleone and Locri; the regional train was headed towards Catanzaro Lido from Reggio Calabria.

 On Thursday morning the train track was released by the judge of the Reppublica di Locri, Michele Permunian, and traffic has been resumed. He will also speak with all the passengers on the train to help reconstruct the tragedy.

 The regional train, however, is still under inspection. It is composed of two carriages, both motorised, each with a capacity of 63 places, and has a maximum speed of 130 kilometres per hour. The stretch in which the accident took place is on a single non-electrified line.

 Meanwhile, the woman’s ex-husband and father of the victims, whom the Milanese housewife separated from a few years ago, is due to arrive. The woman has lived for some time with Antonio Partiglia, a 54-year-old high school teacher in Milan who comes from Brancaleone. The couple, together with the mother’s three children (the latter who had stayed at home of the day of the accident) arrived here in the past few days for a short holiday.