Willingly mutilated to trick insurance companies

ROME – Police in Palermo have taken 11 people into custody after investigating two criminal organisations who injured victims in order to cheat insurance companies, officials said on Wednesday.

 Members of the two organisations used particularly violent and painful methods to mutilate victims, for example by flinging heavy disks, such as those used as training weights in gyms, at their arms and legs.  The injuries were so bad that victims either ended up using wheelchairs or were forced to move around for a long time on crutches.

 However, the victims actually consented to end up in this state, claiming that their injuries were the consequences of road accidents in order to facilitate cheating insurance companies. Police in Palermo discovered the brutal activity after investigating the organisations and the judge in Palermo has taken 11 people into custody.

 The case stemmed from an investigation into an alleged ‘accident’. Tunisian tourist Hardy Yakoub was found dead on a street on the periphery of Palermo in January 2017. The death seemed to be accidental; however, during the investigation it was discovered that in reality the man died due to multiple fractures inflicted by the group.