School launches 45 percent foreigner cap in classrooms

ROME – A new controversy, limiting the number of non-Italian nationals to only 45 percent in classrooms has been launched on Tuesday in Monfalcone in Gorizia.

 The so-called “cap” on the presence of foreigners in Italian schools has been established to counteract the phenomenon of “ghetto classes” which stem from the high percentage of different nationalities in the city, the councils of two comprehensive high schools explained. On the basis of this agreement, however, around 60 children will be refused entry into school in September.

 The Worker’s Awareness Federation, shocked by the news, will submit “a petition to the office of the Guarantee of Minors to ensure the protection of young people on a national level”. The mayor of Monfalcone, Annamaria Cisint, confirmed she was “convinced that children must attend their local schools”. She added, “I have just offered and will continue to offer the protection of school buses to accompany children to schools to neighbouring areas, where there are available classes and numbers to welcome them. I have been in contact with local mayors and school leaders but so far no one has responded to me.”