Mobster's lover slain in car sex ambush

ROME – Police in Calabria have arrested three men on charges of shooting and killing a 'Ndranghetà moll, Fortunata Fortugno, killed during car sex whilst being used as a human shield by her lover Demetrio Lo Giudice, the boss of a Calabrian underworldgang, police said Thursday.

 Fortugno, a 48 woman, was killed on the March 16 in Reggio Calabria by a series of shots while she was making love in a four-wheel drive jeep with her married boyfriend, Demetrio Lo Giudice. Lo Giudice, allegedly a prominent member of the gang ‘Ndrangheta, was wounded in an arm during the attack but survived by hiding behind the sultry body of Fortunata, police sources said. The two were followed by hired assassins near a stream in the Gallico quartier where they were together in the off-road vehicle. After the killer had fled, the Mafia leader quickly started the car to speed to the hospital. Unfortunately, nothing could be done; Fortugno has already died as she reached help.

 The Dda of Reggio Calabria has taken four people into custody, all of whom are Italian and accused, to varying degrees, of homicide, attempted aggravated homicide, association with the mafia, possession of illegal weapons, and bodily harm, amongst other crimes. The turning point for the investigation of Reggio Calabria’s team emerged thanks to images of public and private video surveillance systems.

 The investigation, organised by prosecutor Walter Ignazitto, is already under scrutiny by the district’s anti-mafia management, currently working to pinpoint the attack as either part of the criminal network in the Gallico zone or instead as a crime of passion. What is certain is that the two victims were lovers and were both married. It’s possible that the relationship had been discovered by someone or that the target was the boss Lo Giudice, described by the investigators as “a person of absolute criminal core, the head of the ‘Ndrina which is the most powerful cartel of De Stefano-Tegano.”

 Currently, police and magistrates are interrogating Lo Giudice, whose life is not in danger, in an attempt to understand why someone wanted him dead. As the area near the river where the couple were together was under surveillance, and investigators will try to reconstruct the exact situation of the attack.

 Gallico itself has been a hotspot for crime in recent months. Preceding the attempted homicide of Lo Giudice and the murder of his lover was the murder of Pasquale Chindemi, which has been connected with the Araniti gang and cited in an anonymous letter that businessman Ninello Mordà received in January of 2015. This letter, concluding with “pills will be ready both you and for your brother” drove Mordà’s arrest the previous February 19 and was involved with the ‘martingala’ inquiry that shone light on how ‘Ndrangheta recycle dirty money. Four days earlier Pasquale Chindemi was killed in front of his house in Gallico, and the carabinieri are investigating the homicide under the substitute prosecutor Dda Stefano Musolini.