Serious injuries in Siena Palio

SIENA – Elias Manucci, a jockey from the Chicciola District in Siena, is in a grave condition after being thrown from his horse during the Palio race, doctors said Thursday.

 The Palio is a notoriously dangerous horse race that takes place in Sienna every year, and this summer has been no different. During the first of the two races that took place on July 2, jockey Elias Manucci fell in Piazza del Campo at the curve of San Martino together with jockeys from the other districts of Nicchio and Valdimontone.

 Whilst the other two arose immediately, Manucci was unresponsive and, following a 118 call, was transferred for emergency treatment. The latest medical report shows that he has suffered trauma following impact with a rock, but the general hospital of Santa Maria has confirmed that his life is not in danger.

 Throughout the race, that has seen the 38th victory of the Drago district, Manucci’s fall has not been the only incident. During the traditional parade with the Army of the Carabinieri before the competition, Romolo Massimo was thrown and then crushed by his own skittish horse.

 While the group continued to pass by, the injured Carabinieri was immediately assisted and brought around with the help of a defibrillator. The latest medical report from the same general hospital where he recovered has pointed to various fractures, including the right shoulder blade. His conditions are stable.