Laws on school vaccination certificates to be relaxed

ROME - Going back to school in September this year, it may be enough for parents to present a self-certification of their child's vaccinations and not - as required by law – an official certification of vaccination by the ASL, announces government minister Giulia Grillo.

 This one of the new administrative measures which will be presented by the Ministries of Health and Education on Thursday.

 The Minister of Health, Giulia Grillo, was interviewed on Wednesday’s Question Time, saying: “These are initiatives which will aim to achieve a better balance between the right of inclusion, amongst kindergarten and junior school students, and the right to protect individual and collective health.”

 “It will be a significant simplification of the administrative burden on parents of children under 16 and it is not a temporary measure; over time, these measures will ease the relationship between citizens, health and education – a relationship which is currently very conflictual.”