Useful Study Apps for Modern University or College Students

Discover the key software products allowing students to memorize study materials faster and improve their grades at a higher educational establishment.

Overview of Top 6 Tools for Modern Students

 Do you know how to spend less time on home assignments? This is the number one question of modern students because they are simply overwhelmed with different tasks today. In very deed, it is possible to speed up this process using modern technological achievements. In current times, there is an awful lot of different tech tools using which you can improve your progress in studies and have more free time. You just need to find out how to select the best ones!

 The key objective of this review is to talk about the main technological tools which really deserve the attention of modern teachers and students as well. We don’t mean only the custom paper writing area which has one mission – to help students get through all tasks successfully. We mean a bunch of other tools, easily accessible to every person who has a smartphone.


 In sober fact, is not a new tool but its functionality definitely deserves attention. This is an efficacious option which allows users to transform any information into an interesting and catching lesson. To start working with it, you need to add this extension to your browser. After that, you need to find the material you need to learn in the web environment, highlight some crucially important notes and add some questions. It is also possible to add different images or videos from YouTube.

 As a result, you will get a ready lesson. Both teachers and students can use this extension to get ready for classes. This platform caters to the needs of every person irrespective of your goals.


 Here is the official address of their website – This resource was developed by Newseum, a well-known museum, situated in Washington. In other words, this is a powerful resource which comprises:

●      News artifacts

●      A variety of maps

●      Many newspapers

●      Any aspect of the First Amendment, etc.

 This resource can help teachers explain different historical aspects to students. It is possible to seek content by the following parameters:

●      century

●      state

●      theme

●      type of resources

 If you are a student who wishes to understand some historical aspects, or you are a teacher of history, this powerful tool is for you!


 This is a new product of Microsoft which provides users with the possibility to create more dynamic presentations. This is a powerful tool allowing students and teachers to deal with presentations. It comprises a variety of ready templates to choose from. You just need to select a type of the presentation you wish to create, the main theme, the storyline, images, and videos. For you not to care about the copyright rules, the app offers Creative Commons images.

 Sway is a number one tool for those who need a worthy application to present different projects.

Istudiez Pro Legend

 This is an extremely useful software product which helps students keep the information about their curriculum, grades and different tasks in one place. iStudiez app is a good reminder for students which allows them not to forget about the upcoming exams or find out the details of Math homework. You just need to input the information into the app and the software will remind you about different tasks you need to do.

 This tool is compatible with Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS.


 This tool is for those users who simply can’t focus on assignments. Notifications on WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook or Instagram distract you from studying. If you can’t control your time by yourself, the modern technological achievements will help you do this. One of them is SelfControl. Its key mission is to block all websites which don’t allow you to work for a certain time period.

 You just need to select the appropriate mode and the app will block all these websites. As soon as you finish studies you can switch the app off. As a result, you will be focused on the educational process and nothing will distract your attention until you do all tasks.


 This is a powerful tool for students who study abroad or for those who used to travel a lot. This is a powerful online translator which supports more than 75 languages. It helps you to learn a new language and find out the translation of one or another word.

Bottom Line

 Some teachers and parents consider that the modern youth spends too much time on their smartphones. In some ways, they just spend time playing games or chatting with friends. Nevertheless, there is a bunch of modern tools which can speed up the learning process, help students memorize the material and improve their grades. It is just necessary to select the appropriate apps!