Rapper's music video entitled "Mafia" under investigation

MATTINATA – Police have launched an investigation into rapper Eazy Padrino’s latest music video, in which a gun is fired twice and the word “mafia” is repeatedly mentioned.  The song itself is also called “Mafia”.

 They want to locate the weapon to verify if it was real, after recovering the bullet casings in the property were it was filmed, and discern whether the lyrics of the song pay homage to organized crime. Since it is sung in Franco-Algerian, the text has to be translated by an interpreter.

 For now, police and carabinieri have not identified any offence committed by the Italian-German rapper, son of a Mattinata convict who moved to Germany for several years after being released.

 The music video, which was filmed in Mattinata in the province of Fioggia, was uploaded to YouTube on Thursday and has already been viewed over 41,000 times.

 Gianfranco Prencipe, son-in-law of a former local politician, is also featured holding a gun in the music video. He has a criminal record and is cousins with the multiple offender Francesco Notarangelo, linked to the Romito clan.

 The video has left a sour aftertaste in Mattinata because of what happened on March 16, when the Municipality was dissolved by the council of Ministers for mafia infiltration.

 As well as featuring a gun, the protagonists have a pitbull, wear sunglasses and jewellery, including a golden Rolex, and adopt tough attitudes.

 Follow the link to watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HZduDCm8sk