Rivolta Immobiliare exhibition explores art & living spaces

Triptych by Edelweiss Molina

ROME – On June 14 at 6.30 p.m. the Segni Urbani (Urban Signs) exhibition will be showing in Rivolta Immobiliare’s headquarters, the real estate brokerage on Viale Carso 11-15a.

 The display, which shows how art is used as a tool to enhance both public and private living spaces, was conceived and directed by the President of the Group, Sergio Rivolta Lippo, along with his sons Marco and Luca, and Francesco Francesconi.

 They aim to offer a reflection on the complementary relationship that is created between art and living spaces: on the other hand, the work of art embellishes the space in which it is placed, while a person’s home or workplace "preserves" the work of art. 

 As well as urban redevelopment projects, such as displaying works of art in public spaces, the artwork enhances the private spaces in which we work and live in.

 For this reason, Sergio Rivolta Lippo has chosen to inaugurate the new headquarters of his company with an artistic exhibition that will feature works by artist Edelweiss Molina.

 "I strongly believe in the fusion between art and personality: the beauty of a house depends largely on the character of its spaces and its personality", says Lippo.

 Since 1956, the Rivolta Immobiliare has set itself the goal of increasingly uniting art to its core real estate brokerage business. With the help of special technology programmes, buyers can view already-installed works of art, such as Molina’s, in the houses that interest them. If they then decide to buy one, they can choose to purchase it together with certain works.

 "I consider Rivolta Immobiliare’s approach innovative in Italy, and I’m proud to be able to shed light on the essential combination of art and living spaces with my works, especially in a city of art par excellence like Rome", says Edelweiss Molina. "It’s important that the role of art in our lives and in its interaction with the space in which we live is recognized."

 In the eight works that will be exhibited, including two three-meter-long abstract triptychs, the artist investigates the relationship between nature and urban reality that man inhabits, packed with desires, tensions and fears. His art finds an ideal place within the inhabited space, almost as if it were designed to be guarded by it.

 "The city represented by Molina is full of contradictions, silent and deafening, it is a place of sudden apparitions, full of signs and colour, in which images and shadow cones gather, holding hidden memories and fragments of forms that have already existed," remarks Lidia Reghini from Pontremoli, art critic and exhibition consultant.

 "Molina’s paintings are the mirror of our soul: the territory of art is the privileged place to mirror oneself, rediscovering one's own identity between signs and words".