Fratelli Toso exhibition displays exquisite Murano glassware

PAVIA – From 31 May to 17 June, a travelling exhibition organised by Il Mondo del Vetro entitled “La Fratelli Toso: historical glass from 1930 to 1980”, will be held at the church of Santa Maria Gualtieri in the city of Pavia.

 Visitors will be able to learn about the history and production of one of the oldest and most important Murano glass factories, run by the Toso family since 1854.

 Over 60 rare and unique pieces of glasswork from the Toso’s own private collection will be on display.

 "Looking at the pieces that will be exhibited, one remains enchanted by the elegance of the shapes, the strength of the colours and the innovation of the techniques used," says Ivano Balestrieri, owner of Il Mondo del Vetro.

 "The skill of the master-designers who worked at the glass factory, such as Ermanno Toso, Pollio Perelda and Rosanna Toso, allowed the glassware to participate in some of the most important international events, including the Biennial of Venice, and to leave an indelible mark on twentieth century glass art."

 The exhibited works will also be accompanied by drawings and sketches from the historical glassware archive.

 Pavia will be the first city to host this travelling exhibition, sponsored by the municipality of Pavia and the Association Internationale de l'Histoire du Verre (AIHV). It will open every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

 The unique glass display will then be presented in various other cities, both in Italy and abroad.