Auditions for new musical “Do Re Mi”

ROME – Auditions for a new musical “Do Re Mi” will be held on Saturday at the Ostia Danza, Viale Cardinal Ginnasi.

 The production is based on the infamous Sound of Music and will be staged in Dec 2018 at the Teatro in Portico, Rome.

 The cast of characters include: Captain Georg Von Trapp (singer/actor playing age 40/50); Maria Rainer (singer/actor/dancer playing age 20+); Nuns (singers/actors playing age 40+); Frau Schmidt, the housekeeper (actor playing age 30+); Max Detweiler (actor playing age 40+); Elsa Schrader, the baroness (actor playing age 30+); and Rolf Gruber (singer/actor/dancer playing age 18+).

 The cast will also include the Von Trapp Children: Liesl (singer/actor/dancer playing 18+); Friedrich (actor/singer playing age 12+); Louisa (actor/singer playing age 12+); Brigitta (actor/singer playing age 9+); Marta (actor/singer playing age 8+); and Gretl (actor/singer playing age 7+).

 To book your slot, send an email to with your name, age, telephone number and resume or experience.