Liverpool fans set to gather in Campo dei Fiori

Campo dei Fiori

ROME – The Italian capital's Chief of Police has issued a set of instructions on Liverpool Football Club’s official site ahead of Wednesday’s match, which is expected to attract 5,000 supporters.

 He said: “During their stay in Rome, Liverpool's fans are invited to socialise at the bars and restaurants located in Campo dei Fiori and Corrado Ricci (Colosseum)”.

 Police are hoping to avoid scenes similar to those that occurred three years ago, when drunken Feyenoord fans devastated the 500-year-old Fontana della Barcaccia at the foot of the famous Spanish Steps.

 The police station have explained that they can’t expect Liverpool fans to go back to their hotels or respective accomodation straight after the match, therefore, in order to avoid them dispersing throughout the city it’s better to know where the bulk of them will concentrate.

 The managers of the bars and restaurants of Campo dei Fiori and Corrado Ricci are not particularly happy with the news.

 Claudio Pica, owner of a historic locale and president of Fiepet Confesercenti, shared his concern, saying: "They [police] must assure us with the presence of mobile units close to the premises so as to avoid any kind of tension".

 Liverpool and the British government have listed a series of rules that they expect fans to abide by so as not to create unrest in the capital. The club has also called for its supporters to avoid the Ponte Milvio area, to show maximum respect towards Rome's monuments and to "not hang banners on statues and fountains".