Designer footwear meets interior design

Milan Design Week


MILAN - The world has once again descended on Milan for its annual Design Week or Salone Del Mobile where the biggest players in the realm of design including fashion, furniture, art, and every other sector imaginable come together to showcase their latest creations and inspirations. This year, Italian footwear designer Alberto Guardiani hosted his capsule collection in collaboration with interior design agency Studio Kubla, at an exclusive ‘fuori salone’ event at his flagship store.

 The collection was dedicated to Guardiani’s home region of the Marche on the coast of central Italy where 100% of the products were made and where his brand was founded in 1947. The Marche region is synonomous with shoe manufacturing where the design and manufacturing process has been mastered down to a fine art.

 The collection consisted of three furniture pieces on displaye within the store accompanied by Guardiani’s latest shoe models. Although the two subjects may seem completely irrelevant, the materials, attention to detail and need for both comfort and functionality closely tied the two worlds together.

 The first object of the Terrartigiana collection ALL 01, was a practical 3-legged stool. Although seemingly basic in construction, Guardiani’s eye for combinations materials shined through with vanguard finishes. Studio Kubla’s execution consisted of a finely sculpted framework and rounded, iron legs. ALL01 had a lightness to it, synonymous with this time of year. The simplicity of the smooth, wooden seat left room for a surprise feature of tactile dark leather finishing beneath.

 ALL02 was created as a reminder of the traditional cantilever chair, with the act of sitting itself, envisioned as a luxurious pastime. The chair was constructed with just two single elements, the first being a curved metal tube serving as the legs, seamlessly transitioning to form the frame. The second element being the leather seat and back rest made of one hammock-like ream. Hand crafted, these elements were stitched manually using meticulous dimensions to result in a shape offering optimum comfort. The chair is much like a tailored suit, designed and measured to fit the body of its owner. The stitching was left raw and visible like a proud stamp to remind the user of the hands that worked the thread. This meticulous attention to detail is a signature of the Alberto Guardiani aesthetic.

 The collection was completed by a set of shelves. ALL03 brought an airy feel to maximize the space of any interior. Where common shelves can be bulky and quite literally weighed down, ALL03 provided an alternative as to how storage space should occupy the room. A triangular iron structure supports oak slats, some of which are interlocked with leather strips that can be altered to accommodate books or other objects, supporting them either vertically or acting as pouches. Whether against a wall or used independently to divide a space, the ALL03 will not disturb its environment, but rather adapt to it.

 The Alberto Guardiani label has been known for its quality and craftsmanship of Italian footwear for over 35 years. Classic styles using high end materials with a family approach when it comes to design, this has been a winning combination for the Guardiani dynasty. For this years design week, the Alberto Guardiani aesthetic has been combined with Studio Kubla’s expertise to execute the venture from outdoor accessories to indoor trimmings, in turn giving a voice to young designers of the Marche territory.

 Together, these meticulous designers have created three sophisticated, dynamic and versatile pieces that pay tribute to their region and traditional workmanship. 100% of the materials were sourced from the Marche region, including the oak and, vegetable tanned leather. Without the use of any machinery, Terrartigiana is a true example of creativity and the traditional, process that Italy is respected for world wide.