Compelling soundscape concert at Tor Vergata University

Pictured: Franco Evangelisti and John Heineman in 1967

ROME – A conceptual music composition of the American musician and composer John Heineman will be presented on April 24 at Tor Vergata University, Rome.

 It will form part of the Springtime Study Concert, directed by Giorgio Nottoli and Giovanni Costantini, which celebrates INAD 2018 (International Noise Awareness Day).

 John Heineman’s Air Piece (1970) [13’], an early example of the “soundscape” form, will feature in the concert. The composition involves a number of theatrical elements:  recordings from the world of civil and military aeronautics, electronic sounds, the voices of airport staff, control tower to pilot dialog. The piece is dedicated to and inspired by Heineman’s father-in-law, Rod Jordan, a former balloon pilot.

 Mr. Heineman’s time with the avant-garde Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza (1965-1970) and his desire to experiment with different approaches has led him to compose in total freedom. He’s used and worked with all sorts of “extra-musical” sounds and various musical genres, through the medium of magnetic tape.

 The concert at Tor Vergata University will also feature diverse soundscape works by other composers.

 Ellenikà (2013) [6’] by Giorgio Nottoli, is a piece made up of recordings taken on the Greek island of Thassos. It focuses on the island’s nature as well as spoken recordings in Greek. These include readings of classic poems, such as “Alceo”, and sounds of crowded places such as country markets, where the calls of vendors can be heard over the buzz of the people.

 Magama Limite Sonoro (2017) [9,24”] by Gustavo Alcaraz and Magali Vaca, is made up of recordings taken in the Amazon Rainforest and the city of Iquitos, Peru. Both these soundscapes are contrasted and fused to highlight how the limits between nature and civilization are blurred by the use of technology, which allows the former to be exploited.

 Sierras (2013) [5’] by Ernesto Ardita, is made up of sounds taken from the hills around the city of Cordoba, Argentina, as well as improvisations by one or more musical instruments. The live performance brings nature to life and contains a good omen for its preservation.

 The concert will also include compositions from the Cepia Environmental Interpretation Laboratory by: Candelaria Laguinge and Julia Simeoni;  Violeta Gonzàles Santos; Candelaria Visintini; Felipe Alvarez Parisi and Pedro Antonio Sota Taer.

 It will take place on Tuesday April 24 at 6 p.m. in the “E. Morricone” auditorium of Tor Vergata University, Via Colombia 1, Rome.

 Preceding the concert, at 3 p.m. a Soundscape Seminar will be held at the “Sabatini Moscati” room.

 Tor Vergata University, Via Colombia 1, Rome.

 Free Admission