Italian voters abroad buck populist trend

ROME – The final results of Italy’s elections have begun to be announced on Wednesday with the final 18 seats coming from Italian citizens living abroad bucking the trend of the election in general and seeing the centre-left take the largest number of seats.

 The Democratic Party, (PD) is on course to win seven seats, with the centre-right coalition picking up five, and the Five Star Movement (M5S) securing only one.

 The results are not yet confirmed by the Viminale Palace, home to Italy’s Interior Ministry, with a small number of votes still to be counted that have been directly sent to the Central Office of the Court of Appeal for foreign circumscription, which will announce the final result. Nonetheless, the results are deemed to be conclusive.

 Of the 12 seats in Italy’s lower house, the Chamber, five went to the PD, three to the centre-right coalition and one respectively to M5S, +Europa, the Associative Movement Italians Abroad (MAIE), and the South American Union of Italian Immigrants (USEI).

 The Senate painted a similar story. Both the centre-right and the PD collected two seats each while the remaining two went to MAIE and USEI respectively.

 Turnout abroad was much lower than in Italy itself. In North and Central America only 28 percent of those registered voted in both the Senate and Chamber races.