Seven Italians detained for Slovakian journalist murder

ROME - Police in Slovakia announced that they had detained a total of seven men, all of Italian origin, relating to the murders of the journalist Jan Kuciak and his girlfriend at their flat in Bratislava. 

 The pair were found shot on Sunday. Their deaths are believed to be linked to the final investigation that Kuciak had been conducting on the role of the Calabrian mafia in the country, with the potential for explosive revelations about links between organised crime and high-ranking politicians and businessmen in the country according to the Slovakian media. 

 Slovakian media claimed that Antonio Vadalà, an Italian entrepreneur in the country, was amongst those arrested on Thursday. Vadalà’s brother Bruno and a cousin, Pietro Catroppa, are also believed to have been taken into custody.  

 The Head of Police, Tibor Gaspar, said that the seven Italians, were detained during raids on two properties owned by Antonio Vadalà, and that were being held “as suspects.”

 However, anti-mafia prosecutors in Reggio Calabria announced on Thursday that they had previously “brought to the attention of the international police and Slovakian police the need to monitor the activities of the arrested group.”

 On Wednesday, Aktuality, the website for whom Kuciak worked, published the report that he had been working on for over a year, which concentrated in particular on the Vadalà family’s connections with the Calbrian mafia, the ‘Ndrangheta.