City Council challenge criticism in a bid to defend Agnese Renzi’s car pass

  FLORENCE- The question still remains, is the car pass gifted to Mrs Renzi which allows her to move and park anywhere in the area of Florence, a right or a privilege?

  Matteo Renzi himself has taken to Facebook to pronounce the vilification he and his wife have faced as “fake news” and hinted at the possibility of lawsuits.

   Dario Nardella, Mayor of Florence, has decided not to clarify this for the public, solely providing diplomatic responses which decline to illuminate whether or not a specific request for protection measures arrived from the Prefecture, influencing this concession.

  During questioning by Francesco Torselli, the commissioner Federico Gianassi explains that “The city of Florence, on the basis of information obtained from reliable sources, made a request related to the necessity and normality of safety.” Adding that “The Renzi family is a resident in Oltarno and as such has the right to have a resident permit.”

  Torselli essentially demanded two details: the protocol number of the presumed request from the prefecture and a list of names currently holding a permit for institutional- security function. On both points, Gianassi has yet to answer. First he labelled the entire question as a right-wing campaign strategy and then after avoiding giving details of the prefecture’s position in this affair, called opposition counsellors to use initiative in obtaining a list of beneficiaries with the same type of pass as Signora Renzi.

  However, Torselli has publically announced that he will present a formal request for documents to find the names in question. After formulating the petition, the municipality has sixty days to provide a written answer. According to some well informed figures in Florence, there is speculation that other known names will surface among the beneficiaries.

  Unless the prefecture can be defined as a reliable sourcethen the initiative to grant an institutional security pass to Mrs Renzi’s SUV has originated from Palazzo Vecchio, as had previously emerged the official document of the concessionary company of the coupon, in which it stated that the request had left the secretary of the mayor.

  Brothers of Italy has launches an attack on the council “The municipality wanted to grant this privilege to Agnese Landini. No such request came from Tizio or Caio. Now the former Prime Minister has apologized and returned the pass, obtaining one equal to that of all other citizens. When Mayor Nardella spoke of the request made by the Predecture, he lied, when he said that Matteo Renzi enjoys the same rights as other residents.”