Matteo Renzi's wife, Agnese Landini gifted a free car pass

 FLORENCE- Former mayor of the Tuscan Capital, and  ex Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi, has been launched back into the spotlight after it emerged his wife, Agnese Landini has been granted a super car pass, allowing her to travel and park anywhere in Florence, including the use of pedestrian areas and preferential lanes. The current mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, has declined to comment on the matter since he believes it to be “stuff that does not deserve to be commented on,” however by law, as Monday arrives he will be obligated to answer in the city council the questions presented to him by Italian party.

  The car pass was gifted to Ms Landini by the company Sas at the request of the mayor’s administrator. The secretary of the Democratic Party has not given any reasoning for the events that have occurred because they are aware that this type of pass is an undue privilege. Furthermore, through the course of electoral campaigns, scandals such as this can be detrimental to the consensus of one’s candidacy and with Renzi currently backing Gianni Pittella for Senate in the city of Florence, this is something that the Democratic Party can not afford to deal with.

 Mr Renzi has repeated on Radio Toscana what he had earlier written on his Facebook page “over the years people have created stories based on my privileges. Now they also have attacked my wife on preferential lanes. Anyone who lives in Florence in Piazza Pitti knows that the Lungarno Diaz has forced a huge amount of construction and all the residents have a permit to do it.”

  The secretary of the Democratic party, in the last 48 hours has insisted that he, residing in the city center, is entitled to a resident pass. However, this pass does not have anything to do with roads in which it is possible to circulate or parking spaces paid by the Renzi family in private garages.

  The one held by Ms Landini is not simply a resident pass, as stated in the note by the company Sas which deals with road services for municipality, the badge has an “institutional- security” motivation which allows transit and parking everywhere- not only in the area of Via Guicciardini and her living premise. 


Matteo Renzi and Agnese Landini