Commemorative event for John Keats to be held on the anniversary of his death

ROME - Keats-Shelley House is hosting an event dedicated to the life of the widely acclaimed English poet John Keats. The event will be lead by Luca Caddia, the Assistant Curator of the museum, on Friday 23rd February at 17.00. It will consist of a presentation about Keats’ life and his contributions to literature, as part of the effort to honour him on the anniversary of his untimely death.

 Keats is considered to be a major figure in 19th century Romanticism, and the themes present throughout his works play on the typical Romantic ideas of beauty, nature and human suffering. His works include a variety of poetic forms – ranging from the sonnet to the Miltonic epic. This distinctive style arguably sets him apart from other poets of his time, as his works were filled with poetic self-consciousness, varying perspectives and occasional irony.

 During his life, Keats’ poetry was not very well received and his works either received very little attention or were harshly criticised. However, in the years following his death, his reputation started to improve and he is now deemed to be one of England’s finest poets. Keats’ is particularly known for his six odes, composed in 1819. These poems have been widely studied and highly regarded.

 Keats-Shelley House in Rome is dedicated to commemorating the lives and works of John Keats and Percy Bysshe Shelley and boasts a collection of their letters, manuscripts and memorabilia.

 It is not necessary to reserve tickets for the event, and the price is included in the entrance fee to the museum.

 More information can be found at / 06 678 42 35