UN executive probed for 'homophobic harassment'

Mick Lorentzen (left) in 2010

 ROME – A senior World Food Programme executive may have sparked a sex harassment probe by allegedly making "homophobic remarks" to gay employees at the agency’s Kabul office, UN sources have said.

  Mick Lorentzen was suspended as long as last March from his job as Afghanistan country director for WFP after an outside investigation into the allegations was held in Kabul the previous month, the sources said.

 Details of the probe emerged as a senior WFP source told the Insider that “the other type (of sexual harassment) would not add up at all.” in the case. A WFP spokesman had no immediate information on the details of the allegations when contacted by the Insider.

  Mr Lorentzen was catapulted to public limelight last month after the Italian insider disclosed he had been suspended and the WFP announced a raft of new measures to prevent sexual harassment at the agency and to protect victims and whistleblowers.

 A Briton who served in the Royal Marines, he reputedly started life as Sean ‘Micky’ Finn but subsequently changed his name by deed poll to take the surname Lorentzen, of his first wife, a Norwegian, retaining it after they divorced, UN sources said.



Mick Lorentzen, official WFP photo