Thousands flock to Rome for X Actor XIII Theatre Festival

ROME- Between Feb 22 and Feb 27 the bustling capital metropolis will be greeted by the Institute Teatrale Europeo for a number of performances, workshops and improvisations, spanning across five days and filled with the amalgamation of art and culture.

  The festival is to be held in the Abarico Theatre, located in the increasingly artistic, hipster and predominantly student quartier of Rome, thanks to La Sapienza University. "Dear Ruth," written and directed by the talented Valentina Tramontana will act as the initiation to the rich programme ahead, starting at 8:30 pm.

  In 2005 the European Theatre Academy, together with the Abarico theatre, gave life to an International festival which involves exchanges between European companies and academies in abundance. The interchanging methods of shows and seminars has received boundless praise from the public and critics alike, uniting different people, languages and cultures under the vast body of art.

  The Festival has been overseen under the watchful eye of the experienced Mariagiovanna Rosati Hansen who has a knack for creating wonderfully avant-garde productions with an international cast of renowned actors.  On Feb 25 at 11.00 am, Mariogiovanna herself will be conducting a workshop on the Hansen Method, now appreciated throughout the Western world for its unavoidably helpful practices within the realm of intonation.

  With celebrated artists from Italy, Britain, Germany, Poland and many more countries who have formed a constant presence at the Festival, there is something for everyone. Even for the younger generation on Feb 24 at 5:30 pm, a performance dedicated to children with the timeless Pinocchio, directed by Caterina Mannello will feature.

  Distinguished by the unpredictable and unexpected nature of the festival, if last year is anything to go by, the unknowing aspect it adopts is a small price to pay to achieve such excellence in talent.