Five Star has 'already won' general election

Luigi Di Maio. Photo: Firenze 5 Stelle

TURIN - The leader of the 5 Star Movement, Luigi Di Maio, believes that Italy’s upcoming general election has already been won by his populist party. The young politician spoke at a meeting in Ivrea, Turin, Sunday and emphasised the novelty of 5 Star’s policies in comparison to those of his competition. 

 Di Maio argued that the Movement is relatively untainted, compared to the parties of the grey-haired politicians. “We have more credibility than others to say that once in government we will start to cut the waste of this country. There are billions of euros to be recovered. We will do it.”

 Speaking of his competition, Di Maio said he had none. “Both Renzi and Berlusconi say that the battle is against us. Every time I say that I understand that we have already won. We are in front and they are chasing us.”

 “In the coming days, we will select the candidates thanks to our members and their preferences. We will triple the number of parliamentarians. Our government will be known before the political election. The Italians will not vote in a closed box.”

 He also referenced his party’s Eurosceptic attitude. Having referred to leaving the Union as both a necessity and a ‘last resort,’ it remains to be seen what position the anti-establishment party will take if in office. At the meeting, Di Maio referred to the declining birth rate of Italian children, complaining that Italians are forced to “resign” to immigration rather than reproduce. 

 Di Maio will be facing veteran politician and former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi as the two vie for their parties to lead Italy in the general election March 4. If Di Maio is successful, he will need to create a government and may be forced to turn back on his party’s anti-coalition stance in order to sit in office.