Italy plans for harmonious treaty with France

Emmanuel Macron and Paolo Gentiloni. Photo: Formiche/Palazzo Chigi

ROME - The Premier Paolo Gentiloni met with the French president, Emmanuel Macron, Thursday to discuss plans for a stronger bilateral treaty with France.  

 Macron is in Italy discussing the idea of a “Quirinal Treaty” aimed at ensuring the countries work together “in a systematic way,” according to news sources. Reportedly, the treaty will also have a strong European orientation which may boost the power of the European Union.

 At a press conference on Wednesday, Macron spoke of a joint venture of Italy and France towards a reformed EU. “On European monetary union and the eurozone, we have a real proximity of views and a real ambition." Speaking alongside Gentiloni, as well as the leaders of Spain, Greece, Portugal, Malta, and Cyprus, he added that these nations "have a clear convergence of views to advance on finalizing a banking union and to go toward a veritable budgetary union.”

 The 40 year-old French politician was photographed by eager journalists this morning as he visited the Domus Aurea, and reportedly told the press that he liked Rome “very much.”

 Premier Gentiloni also said that “it is very important that we have decided to give a more stable, more ambitious framework to the historic relations between Italy and France.” In the view of Macron, a strong Italian treaty will be “perfectly complementary” to the strong Franco-German relationship.

 The French president also made a note of Italy’s migrant crisis, commenting that “Italy did an excellent job in 2017, which we pay homage to, to reduce the destabilization caused by the migratory phenomenon.” He added that Italy “has all my respect for the work done.” Macron’s comments come after a wave of unease and horror at the treatment of refugees held in camps in Libya and being caught by the Libyan coast guard on passage to Italy.