Winter heatwave highest in 40 years

PHOTO CREDIT: Travel Babel

ROME - The eternal city, and the Sicilian capital Palermo, recorded the highest temperatures for January for the last 40 years Monday. The Epson Weather Centre released figures showing Rome’s winter heat totaling 19.6 degrees, and Palermo as boasting a warm 24.1 degrees.

 The centre also said that the minimum figures were 17 and 18.8 degrees respectively, the highest of the last 20 years. In comparison to the snow-ridden northern tip of Italy, the Roman January has been kind to its residents.

 The meteorologists of the Epson Weather Centre have explained that the unusually pleasant weather was caused by the influx of mild air from the Mediterranean Sirocco wind. Gusts of this air come from the Sahara and have been recorded as reaching hurricane speeds in North Africa and Southern Europe.

 The heat will not continue without end. “As time passes the winds will gradually be replaced by cooler currents which, coming from the North, will put an end to the exceptionally mild climate. In the second part of the week, temperatures should stay at values closer to seasonal averages.”

 The centre has also predicted that temperatures will stay more stable in the north than the south, and that residents in Northern Italy should be able to enjoy sunny winter days.