CALG conference on Palm oil and sustainability preview

Members of the Batak Tribe

ROME - The CALG (Coalition against Land Grabbing) and the CFDT (French Democratic Confederation of Labour) are to host a conference centered around the question: “is sustainable palm oil possible?”

 The conference taking place 16 Jan. 2018, 2 boulevard de la Villette 75019 Paris, will have a focus on the indigenous peoples effected by the commercial farming of palm oil and the associated destruction of land in the wake of industrialised farming.

 The conference will include representatives from the three main minorities of Palawan (Tagbanua, Pala’wan and Batak) in pursuit of a richer, multifaceted, discussion of the problem at hand.

 Unsurprisingly, the Coalition against Land Grabbing is decidedly on the side of the native peoples, naming the ‘public awareness on the challenges that Batak forest custodians are presently facing in protecting their ancestral domain, providing solidarity funds to support Batak community-based initiatives and advocacy actions’ as their two main objectives of the conference.

 The titles of the talks to come are: “What is the Impact on the Lives of the Indigenous Peoples of Palawan,” “Civil Society Stakeholders and Political Stakeholders,” “Which Regulations Today and Tomorrow,” and “What Possible Actions for the Companies.” All these talks will be overseen by academics across many fields, business leaders, and representatives from the communities experiencing these changes first hand.

 While, as a case study, the scope is rather narrow from those not immediately involved in industries affected by the commercial harvesting of palm oil, however, the conference is sure to provide insights into the broader issues of sustainability, the relationship between corporate and local interests, and the ethical business practices.

 The conference will coincide with the art exhibtion focused on the native inhabitants of these troubled lands at Studio 32 entitled "Son de Bosque: an instillation dedicated to the Batak tribe of the Philipines"

Information and tickets for the seminar available here

Exhbition information available here