Brescia bomber Tramonte to be extradited to Italy

The Piazza della Loggia massacre. PHOTO: Infoaut

ROME - Maurizio Tramonte, a neo-Fascist convicted of a devastating bombing in Brescia 40 years ago, is set to be extradited from Portugal to Italy on Tuesday, according to news sources.

 Tramonte is a former member of the neo-Fascist organisation Ordine Nuovo (New Order) and was sentenced to life in prison in 2015 for planting a bomb in a garbage bin at an anti-Fascist trade union rally in 1974. His attack on the Piazza della Loggia killed eight people and injured 102. Many of those killed were teachers and trade union workers.

 The prosecutors of Brescia said in the 2015 trial that “the organizational and management role of [fellow conspirator] Maggi’s attack emerged, while Tramonte, in addition to having participated in the same organizational meetings, had (according to what he himself said) also offered his willingness to place the bomb in person.”

 Following his conviction, Tramonte travelled to Portugal in an alleged attempt to flee Europe. After an extensive investigation, he was tracked down this year in Fatima, Portugal, by the Carabinieri’s ROS unit and arrested under a European arrest warrant. Tramonte appealed against extradition to Italy, but this was denied, according to judicial sources.

 The Attorney General of Brescia, Pier Luigi Maria Dell’Osso, has described the extradition and arrest as “a satisfaction because inaction was another wound against a city that still suffers from the massacre of Piazza Loggia.”

 Tramonte’s group, the New Order, were responsible for several public attacks in the politically tumultuous “Years of Lead” of the 1960s to 1980s. Figures from the Italian Association of the Victims of Terrorism estimate that at least 428 people were killed and thousands more injured during politically-motivated attacks in these years.

 Tramonte is expected to be escorted to Italy by the Interpol and arrive in Fiumicino Airport Tuesday.

Maurizio Tramonte. PHOTO: Dagospia