Amanda Knox battles misogyny in new TV show

Amanda Knox. PHOTO: Tutto Oggi

ROME - The American student Amanda Knox, accused, convicted, and then acquitted of murdering her British roommate Meredith Kercher while studying in Perugia, has announced via social media that she will be hosting a talk show in the United States.

 The young woman has become well-known around the world for the controversial case in which she and her Italian then-boyfriend were accused of killing Kercher. News sources came out with sensationalist theories, ranging from sexual play gone wrong to more sadistic guesses, to explain Kercher’s violent death.

 Knox is planning to host a journalistic television show,‘The Scarlet Letter Reports,’ that will focus on the issue of gender discrimination. The programme will be five episodes long and will come out in the Spring, where it will be available on Watch, Facebook and on the Women’s Vice Media channel.

 Via Instagram, Knox explained her decision to appear once again in the public eye 10 years after Kercher's death. “While I was on trial for a murder that I did not commit, my public prosecutor has depicted me as a femme fatale with magical powers to control men.”

 “I’ve lost years of my life in prison because of misogynistic stereotypes. In the Scarlet Letter Reports, I hope to re-humanise women who have been equally humiliated and vilified and raise the standard of how we think and talk about women in public.”

 Outspoken female figures, such as model and former ‘sex-worker’ Amber Rose, will appear in the programme.