Self-defence killing means 9 year sentence

Mirko Franzoni. PHOTO CREDIT: Giornale Di Sicilia

BRESCIA - An Italian man who shot dead an alleged burglar in the street outside his brother’s house has received a sentence of 9 years and 4 months in prison, according to the prosecutors of Brescia.

 The court decided to request 16 years for Mirco Franzoni, 33, who shot dead the 26 year-old Albanian burglar Eduard Ndoj, and Franzoni will serve just over half of that time. Franzoni was accused of killing Ndoj with a single rifle shot as he ran away, but Franzoni has continued to maintain that the rifle shot was accidental.

 The case comes amid an ongoing row about the legal allowances for self-defence. Opposition groups claim that current Italian law does not grant sufficient self-defence rights to citizens who come face-to-face with burglars.

 Earlier this year, following controversy after an Italian restaurant owner shot dead a burglar,  the Italian Chamber of Deputies voted in favour of a “legitimate defence” bill which allowed burglary victims to use force when fearful. This has still not been seen as far enough for groups such as Forza Italia, the Brothers of Italy, and the far-right Northern League political parties who all voted against the bill. The latter group was pictured carrying banners saying that “defence is always legitimate.”