The F Word: contemporary art exhibition

Ilaria Sagaria's work. Photo from The F Word

ROME - This week, the F Word contemporary art exhibition will come to the Carrozzerie n.o.t. performance theatre.

 In collaboration with 369 Gradi, a group of young Arts Managers studying their masters at the European Institute for Design have collected more than 60 entries of photography, visual art pieces, choreography and performance routines, and paintings. The team of organisers originates from around the world, from China to the Ukraine.

 In one continuous performance flow, the final selection of six projects will be displayed. The Casale Del Giglio will also be offering a wine tasting during the performances, ensuring that the event will stimulate all the senses.

The F Word contemporary art exhibition

Dec. 14th 2017

Carrozzerie n.o.t., Via P. Castaldi 28a 00153 Roma

Ages 19-23 have free admission

Selected artists

 Soledad Agresti (1975): In the performance “Il Traguardo,” the artists explores the fear and frustration of personal impotence when confronted with something bigger than us which is not under our control. Every time that we are not able to overcome the problem, we are trapped in an infinite and repetitive movement, represented in the work of the artist.

 Azzurra de Gregorio (1985): The fear of death characterises and influences our life from the moment we gain consciousness of them. However, there are those who are prepared to reflect on their own death. In his performance “Lasciare la traccia è un modo di andarsene” the public can compose their own photographic self-portrait, leaving a trace of themselves.

 Sabina Parisi (1970): “Overinsideofme” is a dance performance representing the fear of being trapped in our own minds. People prefer to stay at a safe distance from removing this fear, and watch their lives go by.

 Matteo Peretti (1975): “L’Ultima Selfie” explores the contradictory and current topic of privacy. Sometimes privacy is violated and allows others to experience our lives as if it were a tv show. This interactive work tries to explore the power behind the ways of removing privacy, the dangers connected to this, and the fear of being “left out.”

 Ilaria Sagaria (1989): Her photographic work “Autoritratti Interiori” consists of a series of self-portraits, showing her crudest and most personal fears. The paintings reveal the fragility that makes us human.  UnterWasser - Valeria Bianchi (1980), Aurora Buzzetti (1983) and Giulia DE Canio (1984) are a research group that have produced “MAZE_FEAR,” showing a parallel between shadows and fear, and ephemeral subjects that can expand into every portion of space. The work intends to recount the labyrinths in which the human social loses itself in confronting its own monsters.

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Matteo Peretti's work. Photo from The F Word