Egypt is releasing CCTV from before Regeni's murder

Giulio Regeni

 Rome –  Following Egyptian President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi’s declaration that he will endeavour to "find those guilty" for the torture and murder of Cambridge University student, Guilio Regeni, 28, in Cairo last year, CCTV footage shortly before his disappearance will be released to Italian Authorities, judicial sources say.

 Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry announced the plan to release the footage to the Italian investigation on Friday, “as soon as the European company we have tasked with recovering the images shot by the Cairo underground cameras has done so, our commitment will be to provide them to Italian investigators.”

 El-Sisi has expressed his solidarity with the Italians with which he thinks has “one of the best relationships.” He continued, "we re working in a very transparent way with the Italian authorities.

 El-Sisi has previously expressed his suspicion that the murder was an attempt to derail Italian investment in the country, a sentiment shared by former Italian general Dino Tricarico who said it was a strange coincidence that “Massari's then ambassador was in for a reception with then Minister Guidi and some 60 Italian entrepreneurs."