Berlusconi indicted for perjury in under-aged prostitute case

"Ruby the heartbreaker" Karima El Mahroug

ROME - Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s “bunga bunga” past has come back to bite him once more in the form of fresh indictments. A Siena court has implicated Berlusconi in the “Ruby 3” series of probes, named after the pseudonym of Karima El Mahroug, a 17-year-old who the former leader of the nation paid for sex.

 The case against Berlusconi concerns the alleged bribery of a pianist, Danilo Mariani, to silence him in the police investigation into Berlusconi’s wild bunga sessions.

 Berlusconi is facing other similar charges in other regional courts. In Turin he is being investigated for allegedly buying the silence of Roberta Bonasia, a nurse turned model, about the true nature of the infamous parties during his trial for sleeping with the under-aged prostitute, El Mahroug.

 Berlusconi is charged, in this case, with perjury, adding to the count of young women that he silenced following the 2016 Milan case concerning Berlusconi’s bribery of witnesses at the local court level.

 The former Prime Minster was cleared of the charges of sleeping with an under-aged girl as there was a lack of evidence that he was aware of her age.

 Recent developments have demonstrated the possibility that Berlusconi undermined the investigation raise the possibility that the case will be reopened.

 All this comes as Berlusconi is attempting to overrule his ban from office in the European court of human rights in order to run for Italy's top spot in 2018, an attempt to get around the 2012 Severino Law which states that no one that has served more than a two-year prison term can stand for office.