Italy looks to expand investment in America

Fields of Wheat

ROME - A professional training conference will take place next week aiming to instruct Italian businesses on how to expand their corporations, and invest intelligently, in the American market. Organised by the ODCEC, the Order of Chartered Accountants, and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the conference gathers a large group of speakers to dish out practical advice for keen Italian investors.

 The topics to be discussed include the acquisition of necessary visas, the role of an exporting manager, and the nature of alternative funds in the American market. The agenda has been chosen to provide the most useful pieces of wisdom while discussing all angles of Italian-American trade. An emissary from the American Embassy in Italy will also speak on the nature of trade relations between the two countries and how these have developed.

 Featured speakers include Manuela Stefoni, a Director at ICC Italia, and Dawn Bruno, the Deputy Senior Commercial Officer for the American Embassy in Italy.

 According to the US Embassy, the United States is Italy’s largest non-European export market. In 2015, two-way trade between the countries totaled over 80 billion dollars, and Italy is the United States’ 12th largest trading partner.  

 Since 1990, Italian-American trade has doubled, as quoted by the United States’ Census Bureau. Italian goods are also received twice as often as American goods are imported into the Mediterranean country, meaning that a stable trade route between the countries is of strong economic value to the Americans.

 Italy’s largest exports are engineering parts, textiles and clothing, specialised machinery, and cars. Italy’s biggest imports are unprocessed foods such as wheat, rice, and soybeans, all of which are produced in large quantities by American agriculturalists.

 The conference on “Operating Profiles of International Business - Investment Opportunities in the USA” will take place on Dec. 7 in the Belle Arti 2 piazza in Rome from 9.00 am to 13.00 pm.