Carabinieri arrest three in Milan for Mafia bombing

2011 arson attack in the town

ROME– Carabinieri in Milan have arrested three people in connection with a bomb attack against an Ecuadorian Worker, 46, in October outside his home in Pioltello.

 The three were arrested on suspicion of mafia activities that were listed as extortion, usury, and violence to the end of organised crime.

 The investigation revealed that the trio had made a loan to another Ecuadorian for 3,000 euros, with an interest rate of 400 euros per month in the same town.

 The worker whose house was attacked was said to have been the victim of multiple threats of violence and had suffered beating at the hands of the loan sharks.

 A man by the name of Roberto Manno was arrested specifically in connection with the bomb attack.

 It is suspected that the Ndrangheta crime family from Sicily are the clan behind the violence.

 Reports claim that the bombing followed the worker’s son leaving the country and the family being unable to repay the debt. It is reported inRepubblica that the debt was raised from 20,000 euros to 32,000 as a result of the inconvenience caused to the mafiosos.

 The town has a history of suspected arson attacks that are suspected to be linked to organised crime.