Invaluable painting stolen from fine art museum

Giorgio de Chirico. Photo from Wikipedia

BÉZIERS - A painting deemed “inestimable” in value by Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico has been stolen from its home in the Béziers Museum of Fine Art, according to judicial sources.

 The oil painting Composition with Self-Portrait (1926) had been among the collection of Jean Moulin, a prominent figure in the French resistance movement during World War Two. The collection features works by masters of contemporary painting, and had been housed at the hotel Fabregat in the southern French town.

 De Chirico is known for founding the art movement “scuola metafisica” in the years before the First World War, the style of which influenced the later surrealists. One of his works, “Il Ritornante,” recently sold at Christie’s auction house for 11 million euros.

Il Ritornante. Photo from