Fini's brother-in-law arrested in for money laundering

Gianfranco Tulliani

ROME- Giancarlo Tulliani has been arrested in Dubai following an international warrant issued by the judiciary in Rome. Tulliani is the brother-in-law of former Chamber President Gianfranco Fini, historical ally of former Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi. The warrant reportedly came as a result of an investigation for tax evasion in offshore holdings.

 Tulliani’s arrest came after he had voluntarily gone to a police station to complain about harassment from paparazzi at which point they discovered the warrant from Rome. It is not clear whether or not Tulliani was aware that he had an outstanding warrant but the situation has led some to comment that he is the first fugitive in history to turn themselves in because they were annoyed by media attention.

 Tulliani and Fini have been involved in a number of corruption scandals together in the past. In 2010, when Fini was still serving in office, the alleged sale of a property to Tulliani in Montecarlo was interpreted as cronyism.

 Tulliani is expected to be extradited to Italy to face charges in the near future. Fini has declined to comment upon the situation.

 It is believed Tulliani’s warrant was issued as part of a larger investigation into money laundering through online gambling sites and slot machines, the illegal profits that have been recycled in this case numbers 250 million euros. One arrest, that of Francesco “the slot king” Corallo was made on Dec. 13, the charges of which were money laundering and tax evasion. Fini is also being investigated for money laundering in the same case.