DJ's terrible pain before assisted suicide to be shown in court

DJ Fabo. Photo from

MILAN - Video footage revealing the anguish DJ Fabo endured before committing assisted suicide in February this year will be shown in a Milan court.

 Marco Cappato, a campaigner for accompanied suicide, is on trial for aiding the suicide of tetraplegic DJ Fabo, whose real name is Fabiano Antoniani, as he accompanied the DJ to a Swiss clinic to take his life. He is facing 12 years in prison if found guilty, and is accused of not only assisting DJ Fabo to the facility in Switzerland, but also "strengthening the other [Fabio's] intention to die," according to Luigi Gargiulo, the judge in Milan.

 DJ Fabo, was left blind and tetraplegic at 40 years-old after a car accident in 2014, unable to breathe or eat independently. He had appealed to Italian President Sergio Mattarella for the right to die and has also criticised Italy for failing to pass laws on the issue of euthanasia. In a message shortly before his death, DJ Fabo described his choice as "leaving a hell of pain." Whilst the DJ could take drugs to numb the pain, they cut his mind off from the rest of the world, and there was no hope of improvement. He would have likely passed away quite slowly. 

 The Milanese court has accepted the prosecutor's’ request to show video footage of DJ Fabo's pain in hospital in the first hearing of Cappato's trial. The video includes an interview with the DJ himself. 

 Wednesday also marks the launch of the #ConCappato web campaign, set up by supporters who believe that patients should have the right to commit assisted suicide in Italy, rather than having to travel to Switzerland to see doctors. Assisted suicide is currently illegal in Italy, but not in Switzerland, which sees hundreds of patients at their Dignitas clinic in Zurich.