Actress accuses BAFTA winner of sexual harassment

Giuseppe Tornatore

 ROME --Miriana Trevisan has claimed that Giuseppe Tornatore, a BAFTA and Golden Globe winning director and writer, sexually harassed her during a business meeting in 1998.

 Trevisan, a “show girl” and actress, is barely known outside of the Italian film industry. In an all too common narrative as of late, she tells of how the prestigious director invited her out after a business meeting. “I replied that I had a commitment, thanked him, and I got up to leave. He followed me to the door, leaned me against the wall and started kissing my neck and ears so aggressively, his hands on my breasts. I managed to get off and run away.”

 The director, winner of 54 awards, has denied the allegations. “I am flattered that a young woman remembers me after so many years. I only recall a friendly meeting, so I reject the insinuations she has made against me by reserving the right to act only through legal channels in order to protect my integrity.”

 Several actresses have come out in defence of Tornatore. Monica Bellucci, known for her roles in the Matrix trilogy, Spectre, and Twin Peaks, has pledged her support for the director. The Russian actress Ksenia Rappoport has stated that "the director treated me and all the other women on the set with great respect, I love him and I admire him, he's a great man and now it seems it's become fashionable to accuse someone of inconvenience, in farce, in madness." Rappoport’s sentiment is echoed in the echoed in the statements of the other actresses who have come out in Tornatore’s defence. Margherita Buy, Laura Chiatti, and Claudia Gerini have all reiterated that the director is a “gentleman.” The statements will no doubt help Tornatore’s legal action against Trevisan.

 The actress has also made allegations that actor and producer Massimiliano Caroletti made advances towards her during the filming of the 2008 film, Bastardi, the rejection of which led to the reduction of her role in the film.