Brother killed as family home Villa Massoni crumbles

The weapons arsenal found at the Casonato's residences in 2007. Photo from

FLORENCE - Marco Casonato, a 63 year-old psychiatrist, has been arrested on charges of fatally running down his brother Piero at the climax of dispute over the future of their 17th century palatial family home, the Villa Massoni. 

 Piero Casonato, a 59 year-old doctor, was run over by Marco’s car on their property in Massa. Marco was arrested shortly after on charges of murder, and there were several workers on the property who witnessed the scene. Marco Casonato’s defence lawyer, Walter Matarocci, claimed that Casinato did not even realise his brother was dead, as he was “very confused and tired” the evening of the incident.

 The brothers were accused of damaging the archaeological, historical and artistic heritage of Italy. The cultural carabinieri in Florence have declared the villa to be in a state of profound deterioration, and lawyers have been working for years on dividing the inheritance and the property between the brothers. The villa has seen multiple thefts, as it is filled with antique statues and frescoes. A new custodian of the villa is being sought as Marco Casonato awaits trial.