High-fashion heist in Palermo

22 Grand Bag, Gucci

A Gucci boutique was broken into in Palermo at 3:30 on Sunday. The fashion thieves broke in through the front door of Liberty in the centre of the Sicilian capital.

An alarm was sounded and the carbiniera were called. The gang of three stole away into the night with armfuls of bags and sway, dropping items as they fled. All in all, 50 bags and wallets, costing upwards of 100,000 euros, were stolen.

The fashionistas were caught on camera during the burglary, the caribinieri are investigating the theft. The stolen goods will most likely be sold into the black market and transported elsewhere, as is common with such situations. Although, the possibility that the wives of the Mafiosos are even better dressed than yesterday is still a chance.

Fashion theft remains a lucrative endeavour for those who escape the law. With individual items prices at 22,000 euros, the most expensive Gucci bag now on sale, is about half as valuable as pure gold by weight.

The investigation is yet to reveal details of the robbers, photographs from security cameras, or details of their getaway.