Naples' stunning 3-1 victory against Sassuolo

The victors

ROME- Napoli charged forward with a 3-1 victory against Sassuolo on Sunday. The win, the team’s tenth out of the past eleven games, puts it three points up in Series A.

 With goals from Allan, Jose Callejon and Dries Mertens, Naples is moving from strength to strength. Dries Mertens crossed the milestone of scoring his 10th league goal of the season.

 Naples dominated Sassuolo with 73 percent possession of the ball. Naples managed 26 shots in this time compared to 7 from their opponents.

 Juventus beat AC Milan 2-0 over the weekend in a much more evenly matched encounter. Naples maintains a marginal lead with Juventus coming up strong. It seems, however, that Naples is undoubtedly the superior team as it stands.

 Lazio came up from bottom of the bracket into third place with a brutal 5-1 win against Benevento. Lazio and Juventus are both on 28 points while Naples leads with 31. The slightest hiccup from the Naples team may well result in them being thrown to the underdogs, suffering the same fate as Inter Milan, now trailing at the bottom of the bracket despite maintaining their 10 game winning streak in their 3-2 victory against Sampdoria on Tuesday. Good simply isn’t good enough in this competition and the rise and fall of teams should surely must strike fear in the heart of Naples.

 It’s a good week ahead for Italian-English football. Roma faces Chelsea tomorrow night in the Champion League group-stage match. Apparently the city of Rome is as afraid of Chelsea as their football team should be as 2000 Chelsea fans will be have to go through metal detectors and facial recognition cameras in order to enter the stadium, Rome has a historical fear of being sacked by barbarians.

 Manchester City, the unbeaten leader Premier League, set sail to Naples to face the team on Wednesday. Both are worthy teams and tough competition on both sides will almost definitely guarantee a fierce scramble to victory.

And now for the weekly roundup:

Crotone-Fiorentina 2-1 (Budimir, Trotta, Benassi)

Napoli-Sassuolo 3-1 (Allan, Falcinelli, aut. Consigli, Mertens)

Sampdoria-Chievo 4-1 (Linetty, Cacciatore, Torreira, Zapata, Torreira)

Spal-Genoa 1-0 (Antenucci)

Udinese-Atalanta 2-1 (Kurtic- De Paul - Barak)

Torino-Cagliari 2-1

Benevento-Lazio 1-5

Milan-Juventus 0-2

Roma-Bologna 1-0