Date rape clinic to open in city centre

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ROME - A date rape drug centre is opening in the heart of Rome to provide quick medical assistance to those who have been drugged. It is the first of such centres to open in Europe, and there is a strong focus on aiding foreign students staying in Rome, as they are often the target of these attacks. 

 The date rape drug GHB can easily be slipped into a drink at a bar, and causes the victim to lose consciousness and memory. Often GHB is colourless, has no smell or taste and only takes 7-8 minutes to work. In many cases, those who have ingested the drug are abused or raped, and are unable to defend themselves or remember what had happened. Traces of the drug also leave the body rapidly, so it can be hard to prove that any drug has been taken.

 Moves have been made to combat the rise of this drug in clubs, such as the invention of straws or nail polish which change colour when put into contact with the drug. Unfortunately, access to such tools is not widespread, and also places emphasis on the victim constantly checking whether they are in danger.

 Now, there is a new centre opening in Rome, to help victims on-site after they have been spiked with GHB. It is open from the Nov. 2 in via Nomentana. At the IRCAV centre, there will be medial and legal consultants on site to provide forensic support and counseling to victims and their families. It will be open 24/7 and is available for both tourists and Romans. Support is available in Italian, English and Sign Language. 



24h - Open from Nov. 2

+39. 331. 9253705 –

Via Nomentana, 1362 – 00137 Roma IT

Executive Director: Prof. Dr. Martina Grassi, MS.c