Libyan link to Caruana Galizia murder

Daphne Caruana Galizia

ROME- Italian authorities have made arrests which may link to the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Darren Debono, a former footballer and Maltese national with business ties to Libya, has been arrested on the Italian Island of Lampedusa in connection with an ongoing investigation over the illegal smuggling of Libyan oil through Matla into Italy.

 Caruana Galizia was investigating connections between this organised crime network, alleged headed by Libyan, Fahmi Bin Khalifa. Bin Khalifa was imprisoned under Ghadafi’s regime in Tripoli until its fall, at which point, he fled to Matla.

 The Sicilian prosecutor in charge of the investigating the fuel smuggling ring, Carmelo Zuccaro, “could not exclude” the possibility that the same people under his investigation could be responsible for the murder.

 Maltese authorities are working under the assumption that a “local person” was responsible for perpetrating the crime on behalf of internationals.

 The American journalist, Ann Marlowe, tweeted: “reliable source said that the explosives originated in the port of Zwara.” The implication, therefore, is that the Libyan crime network, allegedly run by Bin Khalifa, transported the explosives to Malta specifically for the assignation.

 Carmelo Zuccaro formerly joked that Debono should watch out because a number of people with business ties to Libya had “been blown up in their cars.”


Darren Debono