Four firefighters wounded in gas explosion

Photo by Igor Petyx

PALERMO - Four firefighters have been injured in a gas cylinder explosion in Palermo, one of whom is said to be injured seriously. Giampiero Boscaino, provincial commander of Palermo’s fire brigade, has praised the men’s actions: “the firefighters have been commendable, their preparation has really avoided the worst.”

 A cylinder containing compressed gas was found by the firefighters behind a shopping centre in Cruilas, in Palermo. The firefighters were on the scene after being called to put out a fire at 3:00 am Monday morning. The fire was almost completely extinguished when the cylinder exploded, taking them by surprise. 118 ambulances and policemen hurried to the scene, and police have since launched an investigation into the causes of the fire.

 The lead firefighter, 50 year-old Aldo Faccaro, is said to have suffered facial burns and wounds to his hands, and is being treated at the Civico burns centre.