Save the Children deny human trafficking

Vos Hestia

ROME- Prosecutors in Trapani have ordered a search of a Save the Children boat, the Vos Hestia, for suspected aid of illegal immigration. The boat is now docked in the port of Catania.

 The NGO’s vessel has been operating off the Mediterranean coast in an effort to aid migrants. 

 The warrant came after the investigation of an undercover agent embedded in the ship's crew. The search was carried out by officers of the Central Operations Service, arranged by Trapanese authorities after investigating for an extended period.

 In reaction to the search of the Vos Hestia, a ship used by Save the Children in rescue missions of migrant vessels off the Mediterranean coast, the NGO said on Monday that the search was in relation to “materials relating to crimes that do not involve Save the Children.”

 The statement that “Save the Children has always respected the law during its search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean” conspicuously omits reference to the crew of the vessel as the NGO confirmed that the investigation "related to alleged illegal conduct committed by third parties." The result of the investigation is yet to be seen.