MIA ends in Rome, Finnish participation

Lucia Milazzotto, Director of MIA

ROME - Over 1800 accredited, 58 participating countries, 45 projects, more than 60 thousand meetings, 120 films, crowded Upfront TV and What's next Italy; it is the boom of the 3rd edition of MIA, the International Audiovisual Market concluded in Rome on October 22 in Rome, at the Barberini District with a thrilling success, also marked by the million views on twitter. A success due to the choice of organizers to give a strong identity, thanks to the clarity of the model built on the industry that had an excellent match in the Italian and international market. An identity, due to the highly innovative and European reorganization of the autonomous management of ANICA and APT, led by the Presidents Francesco Rutelli and Giancarlo Leone, by the Directors General Mina Larocca and Chiara Sbarigia and supported by all the companies that the two associations represent.

 "Great satisfaction" was the word used by Lucia Milazzotto, Director of MIA, in his speech on the achievements of the 1839 accredited that have worked hardest in hectic days talking about the Market. "It was a vibrant market, because the number of meetings and business was above expectations, Milazzotto explains, because MIA is a market that gathers industry leaders. It is important because a European strong market that has at the same time been a major US participation. Qualified for the quality of the participants, the films and the projects presented."

 Still, always continuing in the list of adjectives most used these days by the guests, the MIA was, as Milazzotto explained, "useful, because the Italian and European industry increasingly needs unobstructed spaces of encounter. But the MIA is especially strategic: MIA is becoming an appointment not to be missed. " Finally, concludes Milazzotto, the MIA has been "Italian, international and beautiful, which was the adjective I heard more in these days. Italian: Italy is experiencing a crucial moment in its history regarding international development; in this context, Italy will play an important role in the global trading tables. And it is international because it collects the industries of 58 countries that came to Rome to do business. Finally, in a simple word that sums up all the exceptional atmosphere of these 4 days, the MIA was beautiful because it is the only market that lives and lives in extraordinary locations that go through two thousand years of history."

 Finland has been among the 58 countries represented, with four companies present: Vertigo, Cinemanse, Empire Pictures, Cinema World.

In particular, Minna Virtanen, producer and director of Vertigo, based in Helsinki, regarding this edition of MIA, stated that “ it was very important ant useful. The MIA TV series pitching forum was very well arranged. I was amazed that all projects selected were so high level productions. It was a great honor to be included in this fantastic group of projects.”

 As regards a particular aspect or side of the business, she adds that “since I already have co producers and the world sales agent (Federation Entertainment) on board, I was looking for broadcasters. I think you never make deals in pitching forums. This is the place where you connect to the right kind of people and the business negotiations start from here. Mia pitching forum provides a great opportunity to network with right kind of people and the best companies in the business. That is the most important thing”