Pope addresses FAO

Pope Francis

ROME- Pope Francis addressed the FAO on Monday to reaffirm his support for “secure, regular, and ordinary migration.”

 The Pope asserted his belief that there needs to be a “coordinated and systematic intergovernmental action” that answers to agreed “international standards.”

 Criticising what he referred to as “the exclusion of the vulnerable,” he stated that the “fruits of the earth should be distributed amongst all people according to their needs.”

 This speech was a clear expression of the Pope’s globalised and socialist-leaning politics which, he recently stated in an interview, were largely influenced by communist intellectuals in his youth. This contrasts sharply with the more conservative Popes of the past.

 The Pope’s support for the FAO, an organisation he has backed with personal donations, is unsurprising given the UN organisation’s international effort to address famine.