Italy is behind new EU environmental target

ROME - MEPs have warning that Europe needs to adopt a "zero emission strategy by 2050" next year in order to achieve the goals of the Paris climate agreement. European Governments are being asked to commit to financial resources to assist in the developing world. Ecofin plans to release a formal statement on Oct. 10.


 Italy is currently 3 years ahead of its current climate goals stipulated in Paris climate agreement. The country is currently operating at 17.5% renewable energy according to Eurostat, a number that has near tripled in the last 13 years.


 While this sounds hopefully, Italy’s current goals mean it will only reach 60% of the gross final consumption by 2050.


 Italy is currently 13th in the EU in terms of the percentage of national energy consumption that is derived from renewable resources.


 Italy utilises a number of renewable sources with every town boasting one source of green energy of one sort or another. The main resource is solar that is tied to the poorer southern regions.