Vatican police clear beggars from in front of St Peters

Vatican City

 VATICAN CITY- The operation “via i barboni da San Pietro” or in English “clear the homeless people from San Pietro” took place at dawn Thursday. For reasons that are unclear, members of the Vatican and Italian police forcefully removed the people who were sleeping on the street there.

 Authorisation for the so-called “blitz” apparently came from above, reports Il Messaggero, although as of yet, no one has taken responsibility for the proceedings. It is not known whether the order came from Pope Francis, the Governor or the Secretary of State.

 The event occurred at the archways of the two Vatican palaces that overlook the square Pius XI. Apparently this is a well-known gathering place for homeless people who camp there. It is said that the act took place to “clean” the area, for reasons of “decorum”. The police are said to have roughly moved away the homeless, of different nationalities, who usually camp out there.

 It has also been reported that the situation has been a source of many complaints from the locals and also the area’s shopkeepers who do not like the amount of rubbish created from the encampment.

 The people, who were thrown out of St Peters, where in fact the Pontiff has built showers, public baths, canteens and dormitories, fled to other areas in Rome.