Pit Bulls fatally maul one-year-old girl

FLERO- On Sunday the small community of Flero, in the Lombard province of Brescia, was left aghast by Pit Bulls mauling a one-year-old to death. Her grandfather, who promptly intervened to defend his granddaughter, was severely wounded and has been hospitalised. The doctors are confident he will survive.

 The tragedy began at 19:30, when the girl started playing with her grandfather’s dogs. Immediately the dogs assaulted her, causing severe lesions to her head and neck. Her head injuries proved fatal. The owner’s attempts to wrestle the child from the dogs proved futile.

 When the Carabinieri arrived answering the neighbours’ call, the one-year-old was already dead, and all they could do was suppress the dogs and call an ambulance for the grandfather.   

 The Carabinieri are now investigating the case, trying to determine what could have caused the aggression.