Mayor bans lesbians and foreigners from using parking spaces

Pontida's Mayor, Luigi Carozzi

PONTIDA- The recent municipal decision in Pontida, courtesy of its mayor Luigi Carozzi (Northern League),  which instituted reserved parking spaces for women, but only if straight and with EU citizenship, has shaken the Italian political world, causing Pontida’s first citizen to backtrack.

‘‘Tomorrow the first point of order will be the modification of this rule. The ‘pink parking spaces’ will be for the use of every mother, and soon to be mothers, with no other distinction’’, said the mayor. On Sunday, Pontida will host the traditional annual Northern League rally. The reform of the parking spaces policy was made in anticipation to this event.

The vote passed in the municipal council by 8 to 2, and was sponsored by council member Emil Mazzoleni (Northern League), responsible for Pontida’s Territory Conservation and Ecology. The wording of the resolution prohibited homosexual women and non-EU nationals from collecting the pass which would have allowed them to benefit from the reserved parking spaces.

The ensuing scandal ultimately pressured the Northern League mayor to revise his position on the matter. The CGIL of Bergamo (trades union) described the resolution as ‘‘highly discriminatory’’, and the Minister for Agriculture asked on Facebook ‘‘What will be next? Reserved seats at the back of the bus? Or some races being barred from entering some stores?’’.  Partito Democratico’s MP, Antonio Misiani commented: ‘‘A moronic and obviously illegitimate decision. We hope it’ll be revised, and its proponent fired.’’

The local branch of the Movimento 5 Stelle, lead by local councillor Dario Violi, resisted the decision from the onset. ‘’Now we’re just waiting for them to institute separate toilets for immigrants, or force homosexuals to stand in buses’’, said Violi. ‘‘It is time to end this madness, we have had enough of the Northern League’s discriminations, and it won’t be able to turn back the clock to the Middle Ages. We demand mayor Carozzi’s apologies.’’

Pontida’s resolution was not simply a case of insensitive and unthoughtful wording. The very premise of the decree read ‘‘Pontida decides to promote and sustain natural families, formed by the union of one man and one woman, and with purposes of procreation.’’ The decree even went so far as defining womanhood (‘’for the purposes of this regulatory legislation’’) as ‘‘a human being of the female sex, the gender being determined by their biological sex at birth.’’